Skills Ready Models

To show the availability of workers and wages in our two target sectors(Manufacturing and Logistics), online computer Models have been developed for each of the six counties in Northwest Iowa. The labor market for each county is determined by commuting patterns and employment. You can enter the number of workers needed by occupation for an expansion or relocation project and immediately receive back a report that shows the number of workers employed in that occupation in a county’s labor market and the median wage for each occupation.

Sioux County Skills Ready Model
Plymouth County Skills Ready Model
Osceola County Skills Ready Model
O'Brien County Skills Ready Model
Lyon County Skills Ready Model
Cherokee County Skills Ready Model 

To receive a custom report for your project, just follow these four steps:

  1. Click on the link in the table above for the county that you want to analyze and you will be taken to a page that has links to our two industry sectors. 

  2. Click on the industry sector for your project and you will be taken to a Forms page.

  3. Enter your company name, project, your e-mail address, and the number of workers for each occupation for your project, and then click the Send button at the bottom of the form. Note: This form contains all of the occupations for your industry sector that are in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System. If you have a job title that is not on this list, a human resources or payroll professional in your company should be able to provide you with the appropriate SOC Code and Job Title. For additional information on the SOC System, go to

  4. Go to your e-mail address that you submitted on the form and open "Report for _____________ County” to read and download the custom report for your project. This report will provide labor availability and wage information for all the occupations in the sector as well as show the number of workers in your sector that have skills compatible with each of your needed occupations based on WorkKeys/National Career Readiness Certificate skills. This information on workers with compatible skills will give you an indication of the number of workers in our labor market that can be easily trained for each occupation.

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