Sioux Center City Council supports Link Mfg's plan to expand, create jobs

Link Manufacturing logo     City of Sioux Center

A Sioux Center manufacturer is announcing plans to grow, and the Sioux Center City Council agreed to be part of making that plan reality.

Link Manufacturing shared plans to add a 50,000-square-foot expansion and potentially 54 jobs in Sioux Center with the City Council Monday.

Don Vanden Top, of Link Manufacturing, shared the plans to add manufacturing and warehouse space, as well as training space.

“It’s always nice to see a local business grow,” said Sioux Center Economic Development Director Dennis Dokter. “Link has been a great corporate partner in the community, and since they came in the 1980s, they’ve continued to grow and expand their impact.”

On Dokter’s recommendation, the City Council approved a development agreement offering a forgivable economic development grant based on creation of 54 jobs over a 3-year period and a sliding scale property tax abatement for the new construction at Link.

“When a manufacturing industry makes an investment to expand, it’s a pretty significant investment to make with the structure and equipment,” Dokter said. “By offering a tax abatement for a job-creating project, we are able to help promote development and make it more feasible to do those substantial expansions. It’s a good investment for the community.”

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