Crossroad Industrial Park Expansion Plans

Last week the City Council approved to extend infrastructure in our Crossroads Industrial Park to the south which will open up approximately 13.5 acres of ground and 5 new lots available for development. As the development sits today, we currently have only 2.88 acres of ground which has available infrastructure run directly to it. Over the past couple of years we have sold property to Fred’s Plumbing and Heating for their new location here in Sheldon, Bomgaars for their brand new 37,000 square foot retail facility, as well as White Wolf Web to facilitate their potential future growth plans. With many great anchor businesses already located in the development park, and the high visibility that these new lots will provide off of HWY 60, we anticipate these lots to be very marketable which will help facilitate the future growth needs of our current business here in Sheldon as well as any new businesses who may call Sheldon their home. This project will more than likely happen at some point in 2018. 

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