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Supporting great schools and high school and post-high school partnerships with businesses to deliver market-based curriculums.

Logo and link to Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC)Workforce development and economic development are strategically linked as cornerstones of a growing economy. Creating great educational opportunities in the technical trades is part of the Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) mission and building partnerships with regional high schools and companies is a key component to carrying out this mission. NCC has begun a cooperative Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum with Interstates, a Sioux Center-based leader in industrial engineering and operational technology with over 900 employees nationwide, Sioux Center, Boyden-Hull, and West Sioux (Hawarden) High Schools that will be delivered to high school students on-site at Interstates. The students will receive dual credit (high school and NCC) for courses related to industrial instrumentation and controls initially. Interstates is currently constructing a new 17,000 square foot facility that will house the new CTE educational effort and will have room for expanded programs and also for other businesses to utilize.

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Education is a vital building block to grow and nurture workforce and sustain economic development. 

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